Mesothelioma: Symptoms and Causes of Asbestos Lung Disease
Mesothelioma Asbestos
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Populations residing near asbestos mines are environmentally exposed to mesothelioma risks. Those who work in factories using asbestos as raw material are the most risk prone. Wearing protective gear while handling asbestos can greatly reduce the risk quotient.

Even family members of the workers are at risk since the particles can reach them through the hair and clothes of the workers. This problem can be avoided by having a shower and changing clothes in the work place before going home. There are some building materials, like those used for insulation which can prove dangerous for the people residing in it.

Mesothelioma symptoms start showing only many years after exposure to asbestos particles.  By then the situation turns irretrievable in several cases.  But proper and prompt diagnosis coupled with meticulous treatment measures has lengthened the lifespan of many of us around us.  Surgery, medicine, radiation and some modern treatments like gene care are partly effective in the struggle against this alarming malaise.  But the only way is to avoid coming into contact with mesothelioma asbestos or using protective widgets while handling the compound.
A single layer of compressed cubical cells cover our vital organs.  This layer is known as mesothelium and it lines the serous cavities of our body.  When the minute particles of mesothelioma asbestos get deposited in it, the cells of mesothelium become cancerous.  Slowly and continuously it spreads to the opposite organs and their functions are disturbed.  The victim thus is affected with a premature death.  According to statistics exposure to asbestos is the reason behind nearly ninety % of all mesothelioma cases.

Immense industrial use is there for asbestos, which is a naturally occurring mineral. Being flexible and strong it is used in making roof shingles, cement, insulation, textiles etc. The problem with asbestos is that in the manufacturing process, thin fibers float in the air. This is inhaled or swallowed by the workers and the particles reach the mesothelium. Functions of macrophages are changed by the fibers of this material resulting in the development of suitable conditions for mesothelioma development. Mesothelioma asbestos has the capacity to retard the proper functioning of our immune system by activating oncogenes, proto-oncogenes, error prone DNA repair enzymes and deactivating tumor suppressor genes.

Mesothelioma: Symptoms and Causes of Asbestos Lung Disease