Discount Perfumes and Colognes for Men and Women
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The fragrance business is a very profitable business. Women’s perfume sells over a billion dollar a year. It is very easy for designer to make that kind of money because women loves to smell good, feel good. Women love to feel clean and always be at their best.

There are many choices available when it comes to selecting a woman’s fragrance and most women find it somewhat difficult to select a fragrance they like. Most of the time, the cost of the fragrance will be the determining factor in which women’s perfume she will buy. There above average price women’s cologne and there are some that re inexpensive. The inexpensive cologne is what most women wear on a daily basis. The bulk of these inexpensive colognes often can be found in drug stores.

There are many counterfeit of women’s cologne floating around the street. Many companies try their best to duplicate a designer expensive and popular women’s cologne. The problem is these colognes never smell that good and most of the time they are so water down. When you are ready to purchase women’s cologne, there are many website that will offer women’s cologne at a discount price.

Let’s not forget about the men’s. Men cologne sells just as much as women cologne. Men wear cologne everyday, just as women wear make up. If you are wondering what type of cologne I should get my man, below are some tips of what scent you may want to get your men depending on his personality.

If your men are Athletic a citrus scent will be his best scent. A fresh and brisk scent made out lemon, orange and lime.
If your men earthy he needs cologne made out oak moss, resin from laudanum and geranium oil.
If he a roman the romantic type, the best scent will be spicy, these will include clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper.
If your man is traditional person his fragrance Woody: A classic scent based on woody notes such as rosewood, sandalwood and cedar.

There are many fragrances available. The market is flooded with men’s fragrances and women fragrances. But the good news is not all scent will go with your personality. Find three to four scents that you know goes with your skin and stick to them. Don’t try to keep changing each time a new scent comes out. I am not saying not to try designer new products but find out if the product has the ingredients that goes with you and then buy it.

Discount Perfumes and Colognes for Men and Women