Top make up and skin care tips, skin care products
Make up and skin care are very important to many women. Most women will spend hour’s everyday applying their make up. Women unlike men indulge more in make up and skin care and worry about how their skin will look. This not to say some men don’t worry about taking care of their skin. Here are some tips for makeup and skin care.

1. You need healthy skin. Before you buy any make up or skin care product ensure that you are drinking lots of water, stay way from the sun as much as possible. When you ready to buy make up and skin care products check the ingredients to see if you might be allergic to; and check for high concentration of chemicals that can harm your skin.

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2. Always apply Make up in an area of the body that will not be noticeable, preferably overnight to see if you will have any adverse reaction. 
3. do not use any make up or skin care products if the product expire some products get spoil quickly if not store properly you should never use them beyond their expire date
4. If you like to use eye liners, you should try using liquid eye liners. Especially, if you have   deep-set eyes; if you use a pencil eye liner, you may have smudging at the edges of your eye-lid. 
5. If you suffer from a skin disorder such acne, eczema, you should contact your dermatologist before you decide what makeup or skin care product you should use.
6. Use makeup remover at the end of the day to make sure you remove all the layers you have applied during the course of the day. Afterward, use warm warmer and a mild soap to wash your face. Do not go to sleep with your make up still on your face.

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Top make up and skin care tips, skin care products