Stay Fresh Throughout Your Day
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Stay Fresh Throughout Your Day

(Family Features) When walking into a meeting, after lunch, before a presentation, or making a new acquaintance, the last thing you want to worry about is not looking your best. In a society based on a go-go-go lifestyle, quick mirror checks can give you that extra boost of confidence before important moments in life. Here are some tips to help you look your best throughout the day.

Mid-day Mirror Check

For many people, breaking for lunch often means running to a nearby restaurant for a quick bite before returning to the office. Take a moment to freshen-up prior to heading back to work, because you never know when you'll need to be at your very best.

  • Touch-up that makeup. Often in the course of the morning, makeup can rub off or smear. Do a check in the mirror to reapply concealer or mascara. Using a pre- and post-makeup primer will also help keep your makeup from smearing.

  • Post-lunch check. Before you re-apply any lip product, freshen up your mouth. On-the-go products such as the Colgate® Wisp® mini-brushes are perfect for a quick brushing that will keep your mouth clean and fresh, with no rinsing required. Plus they are small enough to pack in a purse or keep in your desk drawer. Check out the full line at
  • Apply fragrance. Perfume, cologne and body spray will often fade over the course of the morning. Take an opportunity to re-apply in the afternoon. Remember to be mindful of those with whom you share office space. Opt for light scents and don't over-apply.

  • Style your 'do. Combing or brushing your locks can help re-set your hairstyle. Products such as hairspray and dry shampoo can give your style additional body and boost.
  • Drink your H20. The benefits of drinking water show in your mood and in your skin. Staying hydrated will help prevent you from running low on energy and will keep your skin looking fresh. Make sure you have a water bottle at your desk and drink up!

Before the Big Pitch

When preparing for an important meeting, use mirror time to run through your talking points while prepping your look.

  • Straighten that tie. Make sure to check your attire. It doesn't hurt to have a backup suit or outfit in the office in the event of a coffee collision. Having another option will keep you stress-free in those moments following a spill.
  • Stash those products. Keep a supply of travel-sized personal care products in a drawer at the office. Store a comb, deodorant with antiperspirant, cologne, contact lens solution or eye drops, a lint roller and pocket mirror. These items are great to have on hand for last-minute meetings or to freshen up after a mid-day walk or trip to the gym.

  • Keep those pearly whites fresh. A clean mouth is important for making a good impression. Post-coffee or following lunch, consider using a Colgate® Wisp® for a convenient brush to refresh your mouth. 

These tips will help you feel confident and focus on what's important, whether you're presenting during a meeting or heading to a date straight from the office. For more information on the Colgate® Wisp®, visit

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